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Parrots is a 6 minute slice-of-life short film about two girls growing up in San Gabriel Valley. They chatter about the clouds that float in the sky, the screeching green parrots, and their pregnant principal. As they observe and repeat things they don’t yet understand, they live and grow in a world far more connected than they realize. (2023)

background & layout

The layouts were done digitally on Photoshop and backgrounds were traditionally painted with gouache and lightly textured with color pencils.

Images can be clicked to enlarge view.

ParrotsPortfolio2023_Format copy.png

Color Script - Parrots


A selection of stills from the short for you to look at!


Character designs and style exploration sketches of the girls and parrots.

Click through for the storyboards of Parrots. The boards have a bonus scene of them talking on swings that didn't make it in the final film.  

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